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We’re committed to provide quality services to boost your career needs.

All of our services are carefully tailored and designed to help you find the perfect career based on your dreams, goals and ambitions and thrive to the top of your game. With experience working across a diverse range of sectors including healthcare, manufacturing, retail businesses, engineering, oil and gas, our experienced and qualified advisors can help and support you in a number of different areas.

We use internationally approved US and UK accredited psychometric test materials to support our assessments together with proven practical HR experience. Unlike any other companies, we have a unique approach using three elements that guarantee success: Theoretical Approach, Practical Experience, Cultural Understanding. Our highly qualified and knowledgeable team of specialists use the latest techniques of intensive human resource management and worldwide experience.

Over 25,000 professionals have trusted us with their career


60-40 is an ambitious org , their target is to help people , youth and others from different ages to find their true passion & ambition , I was lucky to tumble in them , I feel very exiting whenever i think about what they can offer to me to rediscover my self

Diaa Fathy


About Us

60-40.com is pioneer in the field of workforce development in the Middle East and Africa and Career Counseling.

Our Vision is to build a world class contribution to individual’s talent development and job coaching.

Our Mission is to arm the 60-40.com graduates with the necessary tools to achieve the career success they deserve.

We support, guide, coach, counsel and give focus to your career planning.

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