Expert Consultation

Professional Hiring Support

The right people make all the difference. Do you have the right people by your side?

Selection is far too important to leave up to intuition - you need to harness the latest techniques and tools to make the right decisions.

The alternative is exorbitant. Did you know that the average cost of recruiting the wrong senior manager can be more than 60,000 AED? In some cases, replacing an unsuitable hire costs more than five times the person’s annual salary. In addition to tangible financial losses, poor hiring decisions also lead to decreased morale and a degraded employer brand.

That’s why Sixty Forty uses internationally approved frameworks drawn from psychological research. We have a proven track record of selecting the best candidates for diverse organizations across all sectors. We’ll help you find both senior and novice recruits who add value to your team in both the short and long term.

Don’t Risk the Wrong Hire

At Sixty Forty, we combine our extensive experience with the latest selection and HR field findings. The result? Innovative market research and customized search strategies that suit your specific needs. We use sequence of steps in our selection process, from screening, skills assessment, predicting job performance, variety of job interview and candidate background check.

We identify and approach high-quality candidates who are working locally and internationally, as well as those not currently active in the job market. After carefully analyzing the results, we hand you a shortlist that contains only the most qualified and exciting candidates out there. You can stop wasting your time – we’ve separated the wheat from the chaff. Your shortlist will only contain strong contenders, pre-screened to ensure they fit your corporate culture and brand.

An Independent Professional Opinion

Sixty Forty provides so much more than admin assistance with your recruitment process. Our independent professional opinion is proven to reduce the high costs of unsuitable recruitment. We create customized packages specifically for your needs, offering engaging, interactive, and flexible blended and online solutions.

In addition to assistance with the hiring process, we also provide professional development plans and mentorship to your selected professionals, managers, and leaders to sharpen their decision-making skills and build effective teams.