Expert Consultation

Comprehensive Development Solutions

Your business is only as strong as your people.

Without focused corporate development and succession planning, your company will stagnate, and you will lose your finest candidates to the competition. It’s time to get off the endless recruitment carousel.

Sixty Forty is an HR business performance expert, specialized in designing and delivering world-class selection and development programs for local and international enterprises.

We combine our highly specialized Human Resources knowledge with innovative techniques. The entire Sixty Forty team has extensive experience nurturing talent and driving corporate development. That’s how we help you make better selection decisions, build your employer brand, and develop the existing talent within your organization, all while saving time and money on recruitment and employee development.

We Build your Employer Brand

Using our exceptional staff selection skills and our sustainable Development Program, we can help you build your brand.

Sixty Forty design and deliver a diverse array of tailored solutions that enable organizations to select the most suitable talent for their needs. We consider your culture, brand, diversity, and leadership principles to identify and develop your key talents, professionals, and leaders at all levels. In addition, we work closely with you to identify your ‘high potential employees’ and mentor and coach them with internationally-approved tools.

Our approach is simple yet sophisticated:

• Identify and Develop Talent - We deliver transformative experiential executive programs that have a long-lasting impact on individuals and organizations.

• Tailored to Your Needs – We create world-class bespoke development programs for local and international organizations to strengthen your talent at every level.

• Succession Planning - We work with your entire team to create robust succession plans to bolster your success, both now and well into the future.

• Off the Shelf Programs - We also offer pre-packaged programs designed to suit all leaders' levels and needs.

Sixty Forty uses cutting edge techniques you won’t find elsewhere in the Middle East

Our wealth of local and international experience combined with our industry contacts allow us to quickly adopt new techniques and methods, ensuring we’re always on the cutting edge of workforce theory.

We work closely with our global partners to develop and utilize the latest tools in the industry, selecting the best candidates for every role within your organization.

When the right people are in the right positions, and everyone works together with purpose, your business will thrive.

Why Work with Sixty Forty?

There is nothing else like Sixty Forty out there. We are far more than a recruitment agency, offering bespoke end-to-end support from the initial hiring process to multi-year employee development plans. We work with you to nurture and develop your employees and create futureproof succession plans, whether that’s for a few weeks or a few years.

Our team has the experience and proven results to help you achieve your goals. We have the latest advanced international HR and psychology qualifications and extensive training in occupational testing, personality assessment, and advanced recruitment and selection techniques. With a deep understanding of the human psyche and the latest theories around training and corporate development, we identify the right people for your organization.

We have worked with some of the world’s biggest companies, locally and internationally, helping them select and develop talent and stay ahead of the competition. Now it’s time for us to do same for you.